Creating A Tiki Mask and Other Tiki Fun with Children

Hawaiian Tiki Mask |

Crayola Crayons has offered a great idea of how to get kids involved in the Tiki crazy by making their own Tiki mask. There are a number of different variations you can use off of their designs.

Materials suggested: poster board, oatmeal containers, construction papers, and of course crayons! Some items can be precut for younger children, such as the holes for the eyes and mouth in the oatmeal containers.

Once the holes are cut out, the kids can use paper plates with strings for the masks, or the oatmeal containers, or poster board cut down to Tiki Mask size. Children can cut out construction paper designs, and glue those along the sides for the colors variations, or use crayons or paint for the designs. You should glue paper around the oatmeal container and then decorate the container. This could be a free standing Tiki or a totem. The wood grain effect on the masks can be made by laying a crayon sideways and rubbing the sides on the white background.

Paper Bag Tiki Masks

Another suggestion would be to use a full size grocery bag and cut eyes and a mouth out of the front of the sack. Children could glue construction paper on the sack or even paint designs on the sack front. Then the sack could be a full on Tiki mask.

Cardboard Totems

And do not forget those different size boxes you have just laying around. These are the perfect building blocks for a Tiki totem. Each box could be painted individually and then taped together to complete the full totem. Children could even design these totems to represent pets or something in their history just like the Polynesian people do when they make Tiki totems. If you want to go smaller, you can always use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls for totems.

Clay Tiki Statues

Use regular modeling clay to make Tiki statues. The Tiki statues can be formed and then painted when they are dry. Kids will have so much fun looking at Tiki statues and then designing their own.

Paper Flowers

Add more color by making simple flowers by cutting out construction paper or using tissue paper and pipe cleaners. To make a tissue paper flower with pipe cleaners just take a few 6 inch squares of tissue paper and put a pipe cleaner in the middle. Twist the pipe cleaner until it closes up on the tissue. Fluff out the tissue and you have a flower with a stem! These can go on the Tiki masks, totems, or hang around the house for a kid Tiki party.

Paper Plate Parrots

Paper plate parrots are easily made by cutting a paper plate in half, then putting one half of the plate long ways and the other half across the top. The top is the head and beak and the lower half is the body. Put some tissue on the bird or glue some feathers if you have them and you have a Toucan!

Cardboard Palm Trees

Another use for toilet paper rolls to complete the Tiki set up, might be to paint or color the rolls a darker brown and then put green leaves coming out of the top like palm trees.

Kids love arts and crafts and what better idea than to pop in the movie Moana, make a fruit salad, and create some Tiki fun!