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George Nakashima: Master of Organic Furniture Design

George Katsutoshi Nakashima created wood furniture with reverence and patience, sometimes keeping boards of wood around his workshop until their true essence was revealed to him. The furniture designer was born in Spokane, Washington on May 24, 1905 and passed away on June 15, 1990.  Even though he started designing furniture opposed to the popular concept of modern …

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“Coming Back of My Darling” by Mostaff Muchawaya

“As an artist, whose practice embraces expressions of Ubuntu – an ideology that encompasses compassion and the practice of kinship toward humanity, regardless of perceived differences – my work is deeply rooted within the cultural discourses suggested by NIRIN. Ubuntu originates from Southern Africa and is considered an integral part of society, both pre- and …

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“The Kennedy Family” by Marisol

1960s pop art sculptor Marisol was born Marisol Escobar on this day May 22, 1930 in Paris, France.

“Lotus” by Chen Dayu

Painter and calligrapher Chen Dayu was born on this day May 21, 1912 in the Chaoyang district of the Guangdong province in China.

“Box of Four Red Apples” by Janet Fish

Contemporary realist painter Janet Fish was born on this day May 18, 1938 in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Little Island” by A. J. Casson

One of the “Group of Seven,” otherwise known as artists from the Algonquin School, landscape painter Alfred Joseph Casson was born on this day May 17, 1898 in the city of Toronto in Canada’s Ontario province.

“Tahkt-I-Sulayman Variation II” by Frank Stella

Minimalist artist Frank Stella was born on this day May 12, 1936 in Malden, Massachusetts. He currently resides in New York City.

“Blue House on the Shore” by Paul Nash

Surrealist painter Paul Nash was born on this day May 11, 1889 in London, England.

Ceramic Artist Joyce Michaud

Ceramic artist Joyce Michaud was born on this day May 8, 1951 in Denver, Colorado.

On This Day: Jordi Bonet

Spanish-born Quebec artist Jordi Bonet was born on this day May 7, 1932 in Barcelona, Spain. He was a ceramic artist, painter, muralist, and sculptor.