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7 Amazing Hawaiian Foods to Try

Hawaiian Ice Beside my new found love of poke’ bowls, there are several Hawaiian foods that are recommended that we should try. We will start with the first which is of course the beloved, Hawaiian Ice. This is shaved ice, but not like a snow cone. Not crunched ice, but shaved ice. There is a …

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Trader Joe’s Has Tiki Roots

After all, we know Trader Joe’s is completely unique. I remember the first time I went to Trader Joe’s was when my daughters were in college in California and we went to the store. Wow! Being from Kansas, I had never seen anything like it. So many varied types of foods and different cuisines that …

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Be on the Lookout for this Treat: Hawaiian Tiki Trucks!

Last Friday night we had first Friday in Kansas City. And I had the best food from a food truck called, DA POKE’ WAGON. And you guessed it. It was Hawaiian food! It was a Poke’ (pronounced Poh-keh), bowl of basically Hawaii’s favorite food, poke’. According to the food truck’s motto, for good reason; it …

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