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Toby Bluth: A Brush with Disney Magic

In the colorful world of animation and children’s literature, few names shine as brightly as Toby Bluth. Born on July 11, 1940, in the vast expanse of Texas, Bluth would go on to become a pivotal figure in bringing magic to life through his art. A Family of Storytellers Toby’s artistic genes ran deep, as …

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Celebrating the Magic: Disneyland’s ‘It’s a Small World’ Turns 58

For over five decades, the enchanting “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland has captured the hearts and imagination of millions of visitors, both young and old alike. The captivating attraction, which first opened its doors in Disneyland on May 28, 1966, is a true testament to Disney’s magical and timeless storytelling. As the ride celebrates …

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Pollyanna Was Released on This Day One Fine May

On May 19, 1960 this cheery Disney film was released to the public. It is the story of an orphaned girl raised by missionaries who arrives in a town fraught with feuds, and transforms the community with her positive attitude. Pollyanna’s shining quality is that she can always find the good in something. Yes, it …

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The Multifaceted Talent of Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle was a remarkable artist whose multifaceted talent spanned numerous mediums and styles, making him a truly versatile figure in the art world. Born April 26, 1916, Earle’s career spanned over six decades and encompassed everything from painting and printmaking to animation and film design. He is perhaps best known for his work at …

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Soviet Film Wednesday: A Rainy Story

Inspired after seeing this on Soviet Visuals and Folklore Film Fest‘s #SovietFilmWednesday, this was the first Soviet film I shared a little over three years ago, and it is still one of my favorites. What can I say, I love rain and cats, and the illustrations are beautiful, so this seemed like the perfect starting place for …

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Soviet Film Wednesday: Thank You

Thank You (Spasibo, Спасибо) is a hand-drawn 1973 animation directed by Vladimir Tarasov, who is best known for his Soviet science fiction films Contact (1978), Contract (1985), and The Pass (1988). In Thank You, a group of polite children take a field trip to learn about airplanes. Click the “cc” icon for subtitles.

From Aurora to Maleficent, Marc Davis Designed a Host of Disney’s Most Beloved Characters

Born on this day March 30, 1913, Marc Davis, one of Disney’s most influential animators and artists, holds a special place in the annals of animation history. From Aurora to Maleficent, his portfolio is a veritable who’s who of Disney’s most treasured characters. His artistic abilities and unique vision shaped the look and feel of …

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Behind the Magic: The Life and Legacy of Animator Ken Anderson

In the world of animation, few names hold as much weight and significance as that of Ken Anderson. A brilliant mind and a creative genius, Anderson’s contributions to the realm of animation have left an impression that continues to inspire generations of animators. As one of Walt Disney’s earliest team members, Anderson was instrumental in …

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Soviet Film Wednesday: Fox and Rabbit

The 1973 animation Fox and Rabbit (Лиса и заяц) was Yuri Norstein’s debut as an exclusive director. In keeping with Norstein’s most beloved animation techniques, it is made with wonderful cut-outs and has that signature Norstein earthy feel, brimming with folksy forest animals and seasonal motifs. Based on a Russian folk tale, it is the …

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Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning

“There it is, Wendy! Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” Peter Pan Today is the birthday of the Disney classic, Peter Pan, released February 5th, 1953. The Disney classic is an enduring and beloved work of animation that has captured the hearts of many across several generations. This enchanting adaptation of …

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