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Sacha Distel & Dionne Warwick – “The Girl from Ipanema” & “Tristeza”/”A Felicidade”

French singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor Sacha Distel was born January 29, 1933 in Paris. Sacha Distel wrote over 200 songs in his lifetime, many of which were recorded by other artists, including “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.” He was also known from his frequent television appearances, including this charming duet with Dionne Warwick.

“Le Manuscrit” by Marcel Broodthaers

Belgian artist, poet, and filmmaker Marcel Broodthaers was born on this day January 28, 1924 in Brussels and also died on January 28 in 1976.

Maki Asakawa – “Yo ga Aketara”

“Yo ga Aketara” is from the album The World of Maki Asakawa by Maki Asakawa, who was born on this day January 27, 1942 in the Mikawa district of Ishikawa, Japan.

Paul Newman – “Plastic Jesus”

Happy birthday to Cool Hand Luke. Actor and director Paul Newman was born on this day January 26, 1925 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Ewan MacColl – “Dirty Old Town”

Here is Ewan MacColl and his wife Peggy Seeger singing “Dirty Old Town,” a song written by MacColl. The folk singer and songwriter also wrote the timeless classic “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.”  MacColl was born January 25, 1915 in the suburb of Broughton in Salford, England.

“Italian Summer” by Robert Motherwell

Happy Birthday to American artist Robert Motherwell, born on this day January 24, 1915 in Aberdeen, Washington. Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. –Robert Motherwell

“Nlloro” by Belkis Ayón

Printmaker and artist Belkis Ayón was born January 23, 1967 in Havana, Cuba. She specializes in making collagraphs, and much of her artwork is based on a secret all-male Afro-Cuban society called Abakuá.

Malcolm McLaren – “Double Dutch”

More Malcolm McLaren birthday love: “Double Dutch,” featuring the 1980s phenomenon of jump rope troupes, which I remember well. The song is from his debut 1983 album Duck Rock and mentions several New York double Dutch jump rope troupes, particularly the Ebonettes. The video features troupes from the American Double Dutch League. “Double Dutch” was also released …

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Malcolm McLaren – “Buffalo Gals”

Here is “Buffalo Gals,” an amazing slice of sound from the early 1980s from Malcolm McLaren’s 1983 album Duck Rock. The video features the hip hop group Rock Steady Crew. Musician, artist, and fashion designer Malcolm McLaren was born January 22, 1946 in the Stoke Newington region of London, England. Malcolm McLaren was also manager of …

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“Twilight” by Jean-Paul Vroom

Happy birthday to actor, artist, and director Jean-Paul Vroom, born January 21, 1922.