Max Rebo Joins the Cast of Star Wars Geeki Tikis Mugs

Looking to shake up your tiki mug collection? Consider these ceramic galactic beauties from Beeline Creative.

The newest addition to the Star Wars line of Geeki Tikis mugs is none other than the blue elephant-nosed Ortolan keyboardist from Jabba the Hutt’s palace, Max Rebo. This unforgettable character is now available in all his blue glory in the form of a tiki mug from Entertainment Earth.

Star Wars Max Rebo Geeki Tikis Mug

Max Rebo is scheduled to be available sometime in May, and you can currently pre-order the 28 ounce ceramic glazed mug from Entertainment Earth for $39.99. The mug is all Max Rebo in the front, with an opening in the back for straws and garnishes.

Other mugs in the Star Wars Geeki Tikis collection include Luke Skywalker (released at the end of April), BB-8, Darth Maul, and of course, Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian The Child Force Pose “Baby Yoda” Geeki Tikis Mug