Why is Tiki Popular Again?

Photo by Joke Torreele

All things Tiki seems to be surging and everywhere you look, we can see Tiki! I’m even going to redo my garden area and patio this summer have a more Tiki beach-style feel. I will as soon as I can have some warm days to get out there, that is!

According to trendsetters in California, Tiki has come and gone, well never really gone, but now is experiencing a huge surge again where it began in the mainland, Southern California. And why is that? Not just bars, but other restaurants that aren’t even Polynesian restaurants, are having Tiki Tuesdays. There is even a hashtag to go with it, #TikiTuesday. And the buzz on Instagram and Twitter makes it seem like Tiki Tuesday may be a weekly holiday for the world.

We love the Tiki colors. Right now the corals, the blues and the greens are so popular. People want bright colors. Pink, pops of red, bright flowers and colorful big birds remind people of being happy. Tiki is happy. You can’t look at all those colors and be down. A splash of Tiki lifts the mood and raises the spirits.

We still have a great affection for the island culture. Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting on a beach looking at the blue-green sea. It’s a fantasy of walking on sandy beaches, soft winds and warm sun. We love this idea. Palm trees, fresh fruit and wholesome, healthy food seems delightful.

It could also be that now the grandkids of the original generation of Tiki lovers are grown up and this love has recycled again. Old pictures and stories have resurfaced. And, in Southern California, we have some new restaurants who have a wait-list every weekend. Pacific Seas and The Coconut Club are two of the top in Los Angeles. But there are dozens of Tiki bars and restaurants springing up in Southern California and in different parts of the country.

We cannot forget the Tiki shirts. Hawaiian style shirts are always popular, but now these shirts are offered with college team and/or major league logos. Hawaiian shirts are commonplace attire when people are casually dressing for a day or evening out when the weather is warm.

We love Tiki because of the rich history and the culture of the Island people. Hawaii became a state in 1959. And, we still have a lot to learn about this young state. There are several states I have never been to on the continent, but I think because of the history during WWII and because of the history of the Hawaiian people, I want to visit our youngest state soon.

The resurgence of All Things Tiki is fun, but we can go a little deeper into the history of our country. Hawaii has given us a great deal. It’s time we learn more about Hawaii. Without Hawaii, we would probably not have Tiki in the mainland. While this part is true, there is more. Hawaii brings a culture and beauty unique to this 50th state. Because Hawaii is a state, we have a sense that we belong to a paradise. The walks on the sandy shores and the bright colors? Those are Hawaii. And graciously, Hawaii has shared her culture, her beauty, and Tiki.