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Soviet Film Wednesday: The Night Before Christmas (1961)

In the vast landscape of cinema history, there are few films that encapsulate the bizarreness of a festivity like the 1961 film, The Night Before Christmas. Directed by the filmmaker Aleksandr Rou and inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s story “Christmas Eve”, this fantasy film is a unique blend of magic, love, and tradition. The Night Before …

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Soviet Film Wednesday: The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas (1951) was directed by the prolific Soviet animation duo of Valentina Brumberg and Zinaida Brumberg, who were also known as the “Brumberg sisters” as well as the “grandmothers of Russian animation.” Some of their most well known films are Little Red Riding Hood and Ivashka and Baba-Yaga. Not your typical Christmas story, it begins …

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