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Rolly Crump: Disney Imagineer Who Helped Shape Our Childhood

Born on this day February 27, 1930, Rolly Crump, an iconic Disney Imagineer, is a name that resonates profoundly in the realm of animation and design. Many of us may not readily recognize his name, but we have certainly been touched by his creative genius. Crump’s contributions as an animator and designer at Walt Disney …

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Disney Legend Rolly Crump

Disney imagineer and animator Rolly Crump was born on February 27, 1930 in Alhambra, California. Inspired at the young age of three by the Disney Silly Symphony short, Three Little Pigs, Crump began drawing in 1933. He started working with Disney in 1952, doing “inbetweening” or “tweening” to provide the illusion of smooth movements between film frames. …

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