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Marion Hall Best: The Woman Who Changed the Face of Australian Interior Design

Happy birthday to Australian interior designer Marion Hall Best, whose lavish interiors popped with color and modern forms, and who was was influenced by modernist as well as minimalist designers. Best played an important role in increasing the recognition of interior design as a profession. She was born on this day April 13, 1905. Marion Hall …

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On This Day: Twinkle

Twinkle, whose real name was Lynn Annette Ripley, was a renowned English singer-songwriter who garnered significant acclaim in the 1960s. Born on this day July 15, 1948 in Surbiton, Surrey, Twinkle displayed a natural aptitude for music from a young age. Her unique vocal talent and knack for crafting memorable lyrics propelled her to fame …

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Radio Martiko Unearths Two Surf Rock Gems

Radio Martiko recently re-released two solid surf rock gems from the ’60’s from French Canada’s Les Talismans and Les Jaguars. They are “L’interplanetaire” and “Guitare Jet,” respectively. They’re available on Surf Québécois, available from Radio Martiko’s bandcamp. Surf Québécois by Les Talismans / Les Jaguars

Selected Classics: Charade (1963)

In this caper, Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) and Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) become intertwined in mystery and romance after meeting each other on a ski holiday in the French Alps. After returning to Paris, Lampert learns that her husband has been murdered, and that he was involved in a theft. Now Regina is being pursued by …

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