Soviet Film Wednesday: Walking the Streets of Moscow

Walking the Streets of Moscow

Walking the Streets of Moscow (Я шагаю по Москве, Ya shagayu po Moskve) is a lighthearted look at everyday city life in Moscow for youth in the ’60s. We see an opening scene in the airport, city sidewalks in the rain, taxi rides through the streets, evening traffic flows, and a concert in Gorky park.

In the story, a young Siberian writer named Volodya, played by Aleksei Loktev, has just had his story published in the magazine Yunost (Youth), and travels to Moscow to meet a famous author that wants to discuss his writing. There he meets new friends, Kolya and Sasha, and sparks a romance with a girl named Lena who works in a local record store.

Walking the Streets of Moscow Poster

The 1964 film was directed by Georgi Daneliya, written by Gennady Shpalikov, and produced by Mosfilm studios. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won a prize for the cinematography of Vadim Yusov, who also worked with filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky.

Here is the title song of the movie, written by Andrey Petrov, and which became a popular Soviet anthem in its time.

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