Soviet Film Wednesday: Seasons

Seasons Poster

Seasons, made in 1969, is one of the most beloved Russian animations, directed by Yuri Norstein and Ivan Ivanov-Vano, with the music of Tchaikovsky. You can find this and four other animations by Norstein: The Battle of Kerzhenets, Fox and Rabbit, The Heron and the Crane, and Hedgehog in the Fog, all on DVD in Masters of Russian Animation.


The detailed stop-motion animation, much done with delicate lace, features a couple gliding through the seasons, all set to brilliant renditions of “October” and “November” from Tchaikovsky’s The Seasons.  As in many of his short films, Norstein also used cut-outs for much of the animation, creating magnificent scenes and magical movements of wind, snow, the sparkling starry night, and warm sunlight pouring in.

Soviet Film Wednesday celebrates the artistry of Soviet filmmakers and in no way endorses the war in Ukraine.