Soviet Film Wednesday: Lovers

Lovers / Tenderness

Last week I shared Elyer Ishmukhamedov’s first film, Tenderness, and this week let’s ride this summer feeling again with another film by Ishmukhamedov, Lovers. Lovers (Влюбленные) is a 1969/1970 film that portrays a summer of friendships, drama, and romance in Uzbekistan.

Ishmukhamedov has his own strange way of capturing the beauty of the season, especially in water scenes as we saw in Tenderness, and as in this vibrant and wonderfully bizarre watermelon/waterfall scene in the rain from Lovers.

Lovers was directed by Elyor Ishmukhamedov, written by Odelsha Agishev, and stars Rodion Nakhapetov, Anastasiya Vertinskaya, and Rustam Sagdullaev.

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