Soviet Film Wednesday: Introducing Larisa Shepitko

Larisa Shepitko in Voskhozhdenie (1977)

This month the Criterion film channel is featuring Soviet director, writer, and actress Larisa Shepitko. You can now watch two of her most acclaimed films, Wings and The Ascent, as well as the full introduction to the director on Criterion.

Larisa Shepitko

The 1966 film Wings (Krylya) concentrates on a highly decorated female fighter pilot in World War II, and the effects of the unique role on her life. Later, in 1977, she worked on another film set in WWII, The Ascent (Voskhozhdenie), which focuses on pro-Soviet partisans during the Belarus 1945 winter. The film won the Golden Bear award in the same year at the 27th Berlin International Film Festival.

Here is a clip from “Introducing Larisa Shepitko.”

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