Charley Harper’s Fresh Modernist Take on America’s Wildlife

Grand Canyon |

Today is the birthday of American Modernist artist Charley Harper, born August 4, 1922 on a farm in Frenchton, West Virginia. He is best known for his unique self-described “minimal realism” artistic interpretation of American wildlife.

After growing up on the farm, he went to the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where he met his wife, Edie Mckee, on the first day of school. He stayed in Cincinnati, where he eventually started Harper Studios. He has illustrated for a number of books and nature-based organizations including the Cincinnati Zoo and the National Parks Service.

Sierra Range – National Park Poster, 1990 |

Broad and High describes a little about Charley Harper’s technique and his illustrations for the book Ohio’s Natural Heritage in this “ARTifacts: Charley Harper” video.

Harper died of pneumonia on June 10, 2007.

For more information, see this Artist Spotlight on Charley Harper.

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