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“Silent Series #14” by Wallace Berman

On this day, February 18, 1926, collage artist and filmmaker Wallace “Wally” Berman was born in Staten Island. He moved with his family to Boyle Heights, Los Angeles in the 1930s and eventually became one of the most prominent post-war California artists. He died on this day at the age of 50 on February 18, …

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“All the Ancestors” by Hung Liu

Happy birthday to contemporary artist Hung Liu, born on February 17, 1948 in Changchun, China. Liu died in August of last year in Oakland, California.

The Merry Wind

The Merry wind,The rolling sea,The blazing sun,The seagulls free.Henry MorganThus sailed he. Poem and illustration by Pamela Colman Smith (Pixie) born on this day February 16, 1878 in London, England, from A Broad Sheet, No. 4, April 1902. Artist, illustrator, and writer Pamela Colman Smith was the designer of the popular Rider–Waite tarot deck created …

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“St. Tropez” by Mary Adshead

Painter and illustrator Mary Adshead was born on this day February 15, 1904 in London’s West End in the Bloomsbury district.

“Clearing” by Joan Mitchell

Happy birthday to painter, printmaker, and oil pastel artist Joan Mitchell, born on February 12, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois.

“Drawing XVII” by Roy De Forest

Happy birthday Roy De Forest, born on this day February 11, 1930 in North Platte, Nebraska.

“Ice” by Gerhard Richter

German artist Gerhard Richter was born on this day February 9, 1932 in Dresden.

“The White Bull” by Franz Marc

Painter and printmaker Franz Marc was born on this day February 8, 1880 in Munich, Germany.

Mary Blair, Disney Artist Extraordinaire

Today is the birthday of Disney artist and designer Mary Blair, born on this day October 21, 1911 in McAlester, Oklahoma. Blair was an integral part of Disney, designing incredibly beautiful, unique concept art for a variety of Disney attractions and animated films, including her most well known work on the “It’s a Small World” …

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The Ceramics of Carl-Harry Stålhane

Carl-Harry Stålhane, born on December 15, 1920 in Mariestad, Sweden, was one of the most innovative Swedish ceramic artists of the twentieth century.  His designs and craftsmanship have become so revered that he has been an inspiration for modern designers and has been featured in the Swedish National Museum of Art and Design and New York’s MoMA. In 1939 …

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