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Brilliant in Blue: Raoul Dufy

Painter Raoul Dufy was born on this day June 3, 1877 in Le Havre, France. He may have been best known for his brilliant, bright watercolors, and he was a dedicated follower of Fauvism, which translates to “the wild beasts” in French. Fauvism favored strong colors over realism. What I love the most about Dufy …

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George Nakashima: Master of Organic Furniture Design

George Katsutoshi Nakashima created wood furniture with reverence and patience, sometimes keeping boards of wood around his workshop until their true essence was revealed to him. The furniture designer was born in Spokane, Washington on May 24, 1905 and passed away on June 15, 1990.  Even though he started designing furniture opposed to the popular concept of modern …

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“Boys and Pony, Coal Waste, Hopkins County” by Bill Burke

American photographer Bill Burke was born on this day April 8, 1943 in Derby, Connecticut.

“Figuras fantásticas a caballo” by Leonora Carrington

Surrealist artist and novelist Leonora Carrington was born on this day April 6, 1917 in Lancashire, England. She moved to Mexico as an adult and lived most of her life in Mexico City.

“Sun Tunnels: Sunset” by Nancy Holt

Sculptor and artist Nancy Holt was born on this day April 5, 1938 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Through the Looking Glass with Andrei Tarkovsky

Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky was born on April 4, 1932, in Zavrazhye, Soviet Union. His mother, Maria Vishnyakova, attended the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute and worked as a corrector, and his father was the renowned poet Arseny Alexandrovich Tarkovsky. Andrei Tarkovsky is well known for his reflective, natural, and dreamlike themes and sequences, as well …

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“Courtship” by Jules Pascin

Bulgarian artist Jules Pascin, also known as the “Prince of Montparnasse,” was born on this day March 31, 1885.

“Sheaves of Wheat” by Vincent Van Gogh

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” -Vincent van Gogh Happy birthday to Van Gogh, born in Zundert, Netherlands on March 30, 1853.

“Fishing Shack Tomales Bay” by Everett Ruess

Artist, poet, and explorer Everett Ruess was born on this day March 28, 1914 in Oakland, California. In November of 1934, Ruess left Escalante, Utah to go exploring, and disappeared in the Utah wilderness. In a final letter to his parents, he wrote “as to when I revisit civilization, it will not be soon. I have not …

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“Untitled-Seven” by Jules Olitski

Russian-American artist Jules Olitski was born on this day March 27, 1922 in Snovsk, Ukraine.