Brilliant in Blue: Raoul Dufy

Bateaux pavoisés (bunting decked boats) | Raoul Dufy

Painter Raoul Dufy was born on this day June 3, 1877 in Le Havre, France. He may have been best known for his brilliant, bright watercolors, and he was a dedicated follower of Fauvism, which translates to “the wild beasts” in French. Fauvism favored strong colors over realism.

What I love the most about Dufy is that many of his paintings were a happy celebration of blue, as pictured above in his watercolor painting “Bateaux Pavoisés” (Bunting Decked Boats) (1946), and in his paintings below, “The Palm” (1923), The Casino of Nice” (1929), and “Open Window, Nice”.

The Palm (1923) | Raoul Dufy | MoMA
The Casino of Nice (1929) | Raoul Dufy
Open Window, Nice | Raoul Dufy