Tiki Moon Mix

This Thursday marks the new moon and the first solar eclipse of 2021, and to usher in this unique combination of celestial events, I have mix of exotica and relaxed moon remixes to sit back and enjoy this Tiki Tuesday. Here’s a summer-y “Tiki Moon Mix” via Soundcloud.

Tiki Moon 🌕 Tracklist

1) The Dixie Cups – “Iko Iko”
2) Kava Kon – “moon mist”
3) rxn – “moon”
4) The Police – “Walking On The Moon” (Millesim Remix)
5) doc shivers – “Fruit of Dreams”
6) Anika – “Love Buzz” (Shocking Blue)
7) George Auric – “O Willow Waly” (The Innocents)
8) The Tikiyaki Orchestra – “Polynesian Village Love Theme”
9) Karen O – “The Moon Song”
10) dontcry – “Moon”