The Mesmerizing World of Bjork’s Album ‘Post’


Bjork, the Icelandic music sensation, has always been known for her distinctive sound and unique music style. Yet, it was her second solo album, Post, which truly encapsulated the enchanting and mesmerizing world of her music. Released on this day June 7th in 1995, Post emerged as an eclectic mix of electronic, trip-hop, industrial and art-pop sounds – a testament to Bjork’s experimental approach towards music.

The album Post stands as a sonic artifact that delves into the depths of Bjork’s creative genius. It is an audio journey that transports listeners into the ethereal world of Bjork’s mind where conventional norms of music are replaced with raw emotions, and every note resonates with a distinct feeling. Post is not just an album; it’s a transcendent experience that speaks volumes about Bjork’s ability to create music that leaves a deep impact.

Each track in the Post album is a narrative in itself, reflecting Bjork’s experiences and views about life, love, and human connections. From the hauntingly beautiful ‘Hyperballad’ to the upbeat ‘Army of Me’, each song is a testament to Bjork’s versatility and her ability to effortlessly blend various music genres. The album also showcases her exceptional vocal abilities which adds another layer of depth to the intricate soundscapes she creates.

Bjork’s Post album stands as a testament to Bjork’s innovative spirit and unconventional approach towards music making. The mesmerizing world of Post remains relevant even today, inspiring musicians and listeners alike to explore beyond the conventional realms of music. The album Post is indeed a journey into the heart of Bjork’s creative genius – a journey that is as fascinating as it is mesmerizing.

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