The Hilo Hi-Flyers: The Island of My Dreams


“The Island of My Dreams” is from the LA tiki swing quartet The Hilo Hi-Flyers’ debut album Adventure! The album is currently available from Hi-Tide Recordings, where you can buy the LP on vinyl in tiger orange, offered with this cryptic message:

Somewhere deep in a rainy jungle lies a stone temple, guarded by a great wooden tiger. Legends tell of a secret melody that will open the temple to reveal a fountain of immortality, however none have succeeded. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Pacific, a seaplane marked “HH Island Shipping” is experiencing turbulence. “Mayday! Mayday! This is Hi-Flyer 7 – do you copy?” exclaims Captain Kale to no reply. As the plane descends into the jungle canopy, the faint outline of a temple comes into view.