The Enigmatic Art of Robert Singletary

Fog on the Chesapeake Bay (1979) | ink and pastel with fixative on paper | Robert Singletary | Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Preston Greene

Born on this day December 4, 1945 in Bloomington, Illinois, Robert Singletary’s works are renowned for their unique view of nature, illustrating a skillful comprehension of color and form. His artistry is characterized by complex layers of ink and pastel, which he skillfully manipulates to create evocative imagery that captivates viewers.

Notably, Singletary’s pieces have found a home in the prestigious Smithsonian American Art Museum, testament to his recognition as an influential figure in the American art landscape. The museum’s collection highlight Singletary’s artistic talents, featuring exemplary works.

Robert Singletary’s art represents a remarkable mastery of the ink and pastel mediums. His impactful presence in institutions like the Smithsonian American Art Museum underscores his significant contributions to American art. As viewers engage with his work, they are invariably drawn into a world shaped by Singletary’s distinctive artistic vision.

Curated by Jennifer