On This Day: Pulp Guitarist Mark Webber


Born on this day September 14, 1970, Mark Webber is best known in the music world as the accomplished guitarist of the famous British band Pulp. His association with Pulp began in 1995, and he quickly became an integral part of the band, contributing significantly to its rise in popularity during the Britpop era. Webber’s unique guitar playing style and artistic sensibilities added a distinctive flavor to Pulp’s music, enhancing their appeal to a wide audience.

Before joining Pulp, Mark Webber was a dedicated fan of the band and ran the Cosmic Pig fanzine, where he often discussed and promoted Pulp’s work. His passion for music was evident in his writings for the fanzine and this eventually led him to collaborate with the band. The Cosmic Pig fanzine was an underground publication that showcased various alternative music bands and was particularly influential in the Sheffield music scene.

Webber’s journey from running a fanzine to becoming a member of Pulp is a testament to his dedication and love for music. His contributions to Pulp not only helped shape the band’s sound but also influenced the British music scene. Through his work with Pulp and the fanzine, Mark Webber has demonstrated his commitment to supporting and promoting quality music.

Curated by Jennifer