Essential 80s: The Style Council

Paul Weller

The Style Council, a prominent British band from the 1980s, was formed by the creative duo of Paul Weller (born on this day May 25, 1958) and Mick Talbot. This influential group emerged from the ashes of Weller’s previous band, The Jam, and embarked on a unique musical journey that defied the norms of the time. The Style Council was more than just a band; it was an artistic movement that left a lasting impression on the music industry and its listeners.

The Style Council was known for their eclectic blend of music genres, which included elements of jazz, soul, R&B, and pop. And like the name suggests, they embraced a sophisticated and polished image that set them apart from the punk and new wave movements that dominated the era. The Style Council’s fusion of music, fashion, and politics served as a symbol of cultural change and social commentary.

Throughout their career, The Style Council released several critically acclaimed albums such as Café Bleu, Our Favourite Shop, and The Cost of Loving. These records showcased the band’s growth and evolution as they experimented with different sounds and styles. As a result, The Style Council gained a dedicated fan base that appreciated their refusal to be confined by traditional genre boundaries.

The Style Council eventually disbanded in 1989, but despite their relatively short tenure in the music industry, the impact of their work continues to resonate today. Numerous modern artists have cited The Style Council as an inspiration and their legacy remains an essential part of British music history.

Curated by Jennifer