Adding Tiki Huts and Tiki Decor to Your Home

A well appointed Tiki bar on the deck with grass roof and hammock. | Steve Skjold

With all the Tiki rage in restaurants and bars the past few decades, is it any wonder that the Tiki fun has entered into our yards and homes? Many people are feverishly studying plans at this very moment trying to figure out how they are going to design a Tiki hut in their backyard this summer. With ideas from Pinterest to several other outlets and retailers, having a Tiki hut in your backyard is not as far fetched as it once might have been.

A Tiki hut can be as elaborate or as simple as your budget, creativity, and the space allows. So anyone who wants a Tiki Hut can potentially create one, have one built, or purchase a hut to their liking. A large Tiki hut with four poles that measures 12 ft. by 12 ft. can be manufactured and be ready for assembly at the cost of about $2000.

Or, you can make something as simple as a small Tiki Bar out of used wood pallets. Take two wooden pallets. Use one for the front and cut the other pallet in half. Use the two halves to put on the ends and secure. Place a wooden shelf on the top and a shelf in the middle of the inside of the pallet fixture. Paint the top a bright aqua or red color. Then cover the outside with hula grass skirt material or thatch. Add lights and more décor and presto! You have a Tiki Bar for the cost of paint, thatch or hula grass, and boards for shelves if you have to purchase them.

An indoor idea for a Tiki area is to cover one wall from the ceiling to the floor in thatch or hula grass. This gives a backdrop to the room a Tiki feel. Then keep an eye out for bamboo furniture on sale or at garage sales. People buy this type of furniture all the time and then change their minds. Keep an eye out this spring for the sales! Colored lights are always a nice touch for the room.

Bamboo torch lights surrounding an area, along with a string of colored lights also give a hint of a Tiki hut feel. If you have a current bar set up or a gazebo, the thatch is fairly inexpensive to add to your current décor. The nice thing about building a Tiki structure is that is doesn’t have to be perfectly measured, or made with matched pieces of wood. Tiki isn’t fancy. Let your creativity run wild and see what you might have around the house to use for construction. Add some color, and you will have what you need for a Tiki bar or Tiki hut.

Remember, almost anything can be found online. There are tons of online companies that you can order Tiki supplies and actual Tiki setups already created with just minor assembly required. But for some of us, half the fun is in the design and creating of Tiki huts and bars. Pinterest is your best friend. There are so many ideas about how to build a multitude of Tiki huts and bars on Pinterest.

Tiki is fun. Have fun in creating a Tiki lounging area for your yard or your home. Enjoy the colors, the lights and the spirit behind the fun of Tiki.