The Photographic Travels of Roloff Beny

Roloff Beny in his Rome apartment, 1971

Canadian travel photographer and painter Roloff Beny was born on this day January 7, 1924 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Beny was an international photographer, but highly valued for his Canadian photography, for which he received the Order of Canada decoration.

A 1976 Maclean’s article remarked that Beny was “one of the world’s most celebrated photographers, with international honours, a sumptuous five-floor penthouse in Rome overlooking the Tiber and friends to turn a name-dropper green with envy.”

Redwoods in Rain Forests, British Columbia | Roloff Beny
Roloff Beny
Roloff Beny
Coco Chanel, in her Paris apartment, 1959 | Roloff Beny
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