On This Day: Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog

Film director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, actor, and novelist Werner Herzog was born on this day September 5, 1942 in Munich, Germany.

Herzog is well regarded as one of the greatest film-makers of our time, best known for the films Aguirre, the Wrath of GodNosferatu the VampyreFitzcarraldoLittle Dieter Needs to FlyGrizzly Man, and Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Earlier this year on June 14, 2022, Herzog also released his debut novel, The Twilight World.

When Cave of Forgotten Dreams was first released in 2010, I saw it in the theater while visiting my sister in Los Angeles. We spent a weekend combing the coast for coves and fun, visiting a gothic cave-themed bar in Echo Park, and watching Cave of Forgotten Dreams. It was a truly unforgettable and magical cave-themed weekend, thanks in large part to this film.

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