A Wintry Wednesday Ukrainian Lullaby

In solidarity with the people of the Ukraine and all of the brave Ukrainians and Russians opposing this war, may you find love and peace 🕊️

Ukrainian Lullaby | Lullabies of the World

Instead of the usual Soviet Film Wednesday post, today I am sharing a Ukrainian lullaby as thoughts of the Ukraine weigh on my mind. This beautiful film was created as part of an animation project called Lullabies of the World.

The project began in 2005 and all of the animated films in the collection were directed by Yelizaveta Skvotsova. The artwork in the Ukrainian Lullaby from Lullabies of the World is by Veronika Fedorova, with Nina Matvienko singing.

The collection also features Japanese, German, Chukchi, Jewish, Hungarian, Moldovan, Azerbaijani, and Russian lullabies.

Ukrainian Lullaby | Lullabies of the World

Lullabies of the World has won several awards, including the 2006 “UNICEF Prize for Reflecting the Theme of Children’s Rights in Cinematography” at the Stalker Film Festival and “Best Animated Project of 2006” from the 2007 White Elephant National Award of Film Critics and Reviewers. The animations were made at Metronome Studio.

In this endearing film, Night and Winter tuck the little ones into their beds and don snowy coats and gently falling snowflakes on the land during the winter night.

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